All sizes of solar panels

Solar pumping solutions

solar street lights

solar street lights

Solar batteries and battery banks
Solar inverters of globally leading brands.
High quality aluminum solar structures
Save environment

Solar systems are clean source of energy and their operation does affect the environment in any way.

Free energy for all

Solar energy is one of the natural resources that are readily available in Somalia.

Return on investment is around 3years.

Save on power bills

The sun energy is very abundant, free and very clean! Why pay heavy bills at the end of every months?

More than 25 years of life

The solar panels have got one of of the longest life spans of any product in the world. Their warranted life span is more than 25 years and are expected to operate for around 30years.


Solarmaal supplies high quality solar equipment that can be used for various applications such as commercial, residential, rural and power generating facility. All our solar panels are sourced from from leading manufacturers who comply with the highest industry standards of quality and longevity.

We have a number of qualified and dedicated technical team who are always ready to solve the challenges that our customers face on daily basis. Our well experienced and well trained team makes us the ideal partner to work with in field of water, energy and agriculture. We approach all our projects from solutions perspective and never from supplying stand point and this makes us to be always solution oriented company.

We have also partnered with the leading solar equipment manufacturers which ensures the quality and durability of our products. We also offer consultancy, training and maintenance services to our customers whenever and wherever they need us.