Water treatment solutions

Solarmaal supplies water treatment equipment that are used for various water applications. Our systems include the following:

  • Reverse Osmosis systems for both domestic and commercial systems
  • Water filtration systems
  • Water disinfectioning systems
  • Water sedimentation systems
Reverse Osmosis plants

These plants are used to removed all the harmful dissolved salts in the water. They are available both in commercial and industrial applications.

Water filtration systems

These kind of plants are used for removal of both dissolved and suspended solids depending on the sizes of the solids. These plants are ideal for both domestic and commercial uses.

Under sink RO mini plants

These mini plants are ideal for domestic applications such as homes, hotels, offices, schools, universalities, hospitals and so on. They are ideal when the budget is limited and the water quality is not very bad.

Domestic filtration units
Water softeners
Water treatment chemicals